Green House Automation


Greenhouse Automation

Grow plants in controlled conditions.

Monitor and control climatic parameters automatically.

Automatically govern growth of the plant and the production.


Sensors and Equipment’s Used

  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Water Flow Sensor
  • Water Quality or PH Sensor


  • Monitors and controls environment conditions Focuses on saving water resources.
  • Improves environment impacts on plants production.
  • Helps in monitoring the conditions of the Greenhouse using CMS (Content Management System) software and a mobile application.
  • Helps in controlling and maintaining Greenhouse from any part of the world.
  • Increases Fertility of the soil
  • Better Productivity
  • Increase in Quality of Crop
  • Percentage of germination is seeds is high in greenhouse

Greenhouse helps in Controling:

  • Heat – Attempt to prevent plants from freezing or overheating.
  • Water – No direct rainfall on soil inside the greenhouse, so irrigation must be provided, water volume and timing can be controlled to optimize growth.
  • Light – Any kind of covering will block some percentage of light (or particular wavelengths of light) available to plants – shading may be beneficial when the climate is too hot.
  • Air Flow and Humidity – If the greenhouse is totally enclosed, humidity will increase, and since healthy, growing plants.
  • Pests – The greenhouse may lock out some potential pests.
  • Pollination – System helps in pollination.