Media Server


Media Server


We offer effective smart solutions and devices which is the Media Server. Using Media Server, information such as Videos, Music and Photos can be easily accessible on all your Android, iOS and Windows Devices.

Media Server additionally comprises of a Vehicle Tracking System. This uses GPS technology to locate Vehicle information such as its Source and Destination, Speed and also track the Estimated Time of Arrival of a Vehicle or a Fleet.

All of this information can be viewed or accessed using, electronic maps by a Mobile Application installed with a Specialized Software (CMS).


Basic features of a Media Server can be categorized into two sections. Administrator and A standard User

  • As an administrator we can Easily Add, Store and Modify Media files i.e, Music, Videos, TV Shows and Photos.
  • Likewise as a User, we can view and access entertainment Genres such as Science and technology, Mystery and Action, Adventure and etc.

Important Features

Advertisements as listed below can be included at any given point of time

  • Floating Banners.
  • Video Based Advertisements.
  • Scrolling text Advertisements.

Other prominent benefits

  • Does not require internet bandwidth to access media.
  • Set Start/End Journey Alarm.
  • Monitor Speed and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of a Vehicle.
  • Monitor and Track Continues movement of a Vehicle round the clock – 24/7.
  • Improves Safety and Security of vehicles.
  • Improves transparency in operations.
  • Just requires an input power of 5V, 2.5 Amps.
  • Low Maintenance with flexibility.