Smart Street Lightning


Smart Lighting System

We provide Smart Lighting System using which we can:

  • Monitor and Control Street Lights through automation
  • System uses Adaptive Lighting System
  • Helps in reducing time and cost of Installation
  • Includes Fault Tracking System
  • Lower Maintenance


Our Smart Lighting System are designed to make sure that, energy is used efficiently and appropriately. This can include high efficiency fixtures and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions as occupancy or daylight availability.

The system includes task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting.

Features and Benefits

  • By implementing Light control, we are increasing comfort and improving productivity.
  • Conserve energy by dimming lights when not in use.
  • Implementation of shading solutions are Energy Efficient.
  • Smart Lighting Solutions save up to 10 billion kWh of energy.
  • Assists in saving Money and Energy.

Areas of application of Smart Lighting

  • Street Lightings.
  • Indoor Home lighting systems.
  • Office lighting systems.
  • College campus.
  • Gardens.
  • Hospitals.
  • Shopping Malls.
  • Garages Etc.